the path wins lola for best children's film

On June 24th the ceremony for the 2022 Deutscher Filmpreis took place: we couldn't be happier to announce that Tobias Wiemann's Der Pfad (The Path) has won the Lola for Best Children's Film! Lemming Film sends their thanks to the Deutsche Filmakademie for this tremendous honour, and would like to congratulate the incredible team behind this adventurous youth film.

Special congratulations go to director Tobias Wiemann, writers Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen
and Rüdiger Bertram, the wonderful cast consisting of (but not limited to) Julius Weckaf, Nonna Cardoner and Volker Bruch, and Lemming Film's own producers Daniel Ehrenberg and Leontine Petit. And of course we thank and congratulate Eyrie Entertainment, Warner Bros. Germany and the rest of the cast and crew who made this film happen!

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